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Zombinomy is an NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as a community where 10,000 unsettling and exciting Zombizz thrive.

Zombizz are metaverse creatures that dwell in a foreign realm. They’re nearly indestructible and zombie-like in nature. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Zombiz…… Join their Discord community to learn more!

The seven components of each Zombiz NFT are called background, skin, hat, hair, eyes, mouth, and clothing. When creating the components of Zombizz and Zombinomy, Asian and western stories as well as Gen Z culture were used as references.

How to get on the Zombinomy Whitelist

Holders of BAYC, MAYC, and Meebits may gain immediate access to the whitelist if they have a verified email address. Otherwise, you must join our Discord and Twitter communities to be whitelisted join. For further information, visit the official link to Discord.

Zombinomy Roadmap

Their roadmap is full of utility towards their future projects, many of which they have already achieved.

Phase 1 Reach 100% Minted

Our first step is to grow the Zombinomy community, healthily and steadily. Down our way to 100% minted! There will be whitelist fast track tickets, ETH as rewards for committed members of the Zombinomy.

Phase 2 Offer More Perks

Once all Zombizz are sold out, MORE ETH and treasury Zombizz will be given out to Zombiz holders through multiple campaigns and games.

Phase 3 Launch Zombinomy Coin

Launching the Zombinomy Coin is our key milestone. This will add more value to the Zombinomy and make Zombiz holders feel exclusive! We will also send out cool merch to our loyal members. Free worldwide shipping for large holders.

Phase 4 Create 3D Avatar

3D Zombiz avatars will be created for Zombiz holders as their digital identities in the metaverse. We will enhance the liquidity and application of Zombinomy Coin. The above will make us well-prepared for entering the metaverse.

Phase 5 Enter the Metaverse

Collaborate with The Sandbox and build a metaverse game. Details TBA.

How to mint a Zombiz?

Once you are in the whitelist, you can mint your Zombizz on their website




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