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By far one of my favorite trends in crypto right now, is the rise in Women & Do-Good themed NFT’s and projects. I did miss @worldofwomennft, however, and I was really sad about that, but nothing makes me happier than seeing women creators and women’s causes take the headlines for once.

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World of Women NfT

Women of Crypto

Women of Crypto is one of my favorite up-and-coming Women related NFT projects of 2022. Founded by Amy Matsushima, her goal is to empower women in the crypto and NFT scene.

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Amy Matsushima Founder of Women of Crypto

From an early age, Amy Matsushima has displayed an innovative, entrepreneurial, and unbounded spirit. You could say it all began in 3rd grade, when she recalls selling her own hand-crafted bracelets during recess.

After two weeks, the demand rose, and she hired and trained fellow 8 year olds to optimize the production of the bracelets, thus, optimizing revenue. In 2019, she began investing and trading, fueling her fascination with cryptocurrency and its historical significance.

In that same year, she entered the car and boat rental business, and she presently remains active in the venture. No matter the entrepreneurial stride, her gender has raised eyebrows, often finding herself to be the only woman amongst men in these enterprises.

In the marina, whether she is walking to her boat, or driving it, her conversations often start with, “Yes, it’s my boat,” or “Yes, I know how to drive it.” Daily, she is reminded of the gender gap (both financially and epistemically), not only in the realm of entrepreneurship as a whole, but now in the world of cryptocurrency.

Nonetheless, these disparities further motivate her to actively pursue and work toward educating and empowering underrepresented individuals. Ultimately, she is committed to inducing the shift necessary to ensure the equal opportunity of women in the global marketplace.

With this current opportunity, she firmly believes every person has a place on the blockchain, and should feel able to partake in this technological and financial revolution at hand. She is a Woman of Crypto.

Women of Crypto Roadmap


We feel indebted to the early supporters of Women of Crypto across all social platforms. As a token of our appreciation, we will airdrop 115 WOC NFTs and 3 Legendary WOC NFTs to the members of the WOC community.

Marketing budget

Women of Crypto is an NFT project that is being thoroughly built from the ground up. Creating a firm and secure foundation for our project is of the utmost importance. We are proud to say that the objectives of our future roadmap are trusted and backed by investors and two charity organizations, providing not only us, but each one of you with confidence in our project.

COMMERCIAL RIGHTS & QUALITY ART Each WOC NFT is a 1500×1500 PNG, high-resolution file. All NFT HOLDRs will be granted exclusive commercial rights to the artwork. Sale is LIVE!

MEN IN CRYPTO DROP As an expression of our gratitude to our supporters, we will airdrop all those who are HOLDRs of Women of Crypto NFT with their very own “Men of Crypto” NFT, 6 weeks after the official launch. The high quality, 3D rendered, male avatars will preserve the same concept and style behind the female avatars.

Crypto Generations: The “Baby of Crypto” When one holds both the Women and Men of Crypto NFTs, something special can happen. When the two digital avatars come together, they will harmonize their unique physical characteristics to render their own avatar. This equal blending of two distinctive embodiments is how the next generation begins. We call this manifestation the “Baby of Crypto.” The high quality, 3D rendered, baby avatar will preserve the same concept and style behind the female and male avatars. They will display, equally, the physical traits and characteristics of two particular avatars.


We are fortunate enough to have partnered with two incredible charities (Women Who Code/CryptoChicks) whose mission is to educate and empower women in the fields of business and cryptocurrency. 50% of all Royalties will go into direct donations to our partnered charity organizations and their pertaining communities. 25% of all Royalties will be used to invest back into our Women of Crypto community in formidable ways. When we speak of educating and creating opportunities for ALL to have a place in the world of crypto-we mean it. Let us expand on this: All holders of Women of Crypto NFTs will have access to the following: Our team has composed comprehensive, exclusive pre-filmed Courses* detailing step-by-step how one can start their own NFT project. The Courses will be made available to members via a private Discord channel. When you are ready to kick-start your very own project, we will have 5 spots open for your ideas to manifest into reality! Thru our own “incubator” process, you will have the ability to present to us your unique NFT proposition. The team and community will select five of the most promising, innovative, and NFT projects.

Community Events Community and connectivity is a pinnacle of our project’s mission.

All HODLRs of this NFT will be given free access to our conventions, where we will ensure the ability for each one of you to network and learn from top masterminds of the real estate, e- commerce, and crypto currency industry as well as network with our fellow community members. Our first event will be held in April 2022 in Los Angeles, California. In partnership with our charity organizations, we will announce exciting joint events in the upcoming weeks.

Invade the Metaverse

We are currently working on rendering the WOC and MOC avatars completely, in order for your NFT to come alive in the Metaverse. Once the Women/Men of Crypto avatars are ready to jump into the Metaverse, community access to exclusive networking events WITHIN the Metaverse will be possible. (edited)

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Women of Crypto

Find Women of Crypto

Discord: https://discord.gg/H6D69SNUXG

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womenofcryptonft/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/womenofcrypto_

Website: https://www.womenofcrypto.io/