Wild Fox Club NFT set to drop on May 30, 2022

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Wild Fox Club NFT is a collection of 2,222 Foxes that goes WILD inside the Solana blockchain.

Mint Details

  • Supply: 2,222
  • Mint Date: May 30, 2022 UTC
  • Mint Time for OG and WL: 1 PM
  • Mint Price for OG and WL: 0.4 SOL
  • Public Mint Time: 2 PM
  • Public Mint Price: 0.6 SOL

How to Get Whitelisted for Wild Fox Club

  • Be positive and friendly in the chat
  • Be creative and help the community
  • Post your art/memes on Discord and Twitter
  • Join giveaways
  • Do not spam or grind

Roles Info on Discord

  • OG FOX – Early foxes who guide the community to grow
  • WHITELIST FOX – Foxes who is qualified to be whitelisted
  • WILD BOOSTER – Foxes who sky rocket our discord

Wild Fox Club Official Links