Users will be able to manage Solana CeFi and DeFi accounts in one application with FTX integration thanks to Solarflare’s support.

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On Thursday, Solana (SOL)-native wallet Solflare released a new integration with cryptocurrency exchange and to simplify portfolio management for Solana users.

It would make transfers between one’s custodial and non-custodial accounts simple by allowing users to control FTX funds directly from their Solflare web extension and later using the mobile wallet, according to Solflare.

Of course, in order to connect one’s exchange accounts with Solflare, KYC standards would apply.

Finally, token swap on STX accounts in the Solflare wallet will not be impacted by Solana’s notorious network congestion issues since liquidity is drawn from STX rather than Solana.

Users may still experience long delays in depositing and withdrawing money from Solana accounts. The wallet enables you to withdraw, deposit, and visualise nonfungible tokens.

The collaboration would enhance Solflare’s capacity to conduct coordinated airdrops and other yield incentives, as well as its users’ ability to access decentralized finance apps.

Solflare is a community-developed wallet for Solana that was created especially for the project. Users may use the wallet to send and receive SOL and SPL tokens, as well as to exchange them. It enables staking of SOL tokens, advanced nonfungible token, or NFT, activities, DeFi protocol use, DApp notifications, and Ledger hardware wallet support.