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Una Paloma Muriendo

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“Una paloma muriendo” is a short animation project where a pigeon dies in each episode.

Supply: 21
Mint Price: 10 SOL

Una Paloma Muriendo Background
Una Paloma Muriendo

The creators of this project say that they chose to use pigeons dying as a way to illustrate real-life situations and make fun of them. They have a critic point of view on society, and usually with a humorous and unexpected final twist. They feel it’s an up-to-date format to let people have fun and at the same time match with our critic point of view, and these can be purchased as NFTs.

Each short is unique, but they are all connected by the same humor, surprising action, and the artistic line that gives us the unparalleled brand and recognition the project has got so far.

Because of the connection, you may group them into seasons, allowing the individuals to enjoy an unending Show with each new short debuted at a different time. As a result, shorts may be referred to as “Episodes,” even though you can watch and analyze them separately.

The artists designed, scripted, voiced, and directed each episode. Each component took many hours to create, and the goal is for each episode to be a 1/1 collectible on the Solana blockchain. “Una paloma muriendo” began three years ago as a minor side project in an unrelated project.

They launched the first short films on Instagram, and they were a success that they decided to focus on as our main project. Now they want to take it one step further by allowing our community members access to an owners community with special perks around the film.

Una Paloma Muriendo Roadmap

This is a long-term project that is community-focused and has collections at Solana, each with a distinct purpose and all of which are meant to provide great enjoyment to owners and viewers. The following are the next stages:

  1. Giveaway: exclusive NFTs from the Classic Art Mashups collection
  2. Public mint: Season One. 21 – 1 Episodes, 21 NFTs
  3. Public mint: Season Two. 21 Episodes, 21 NFTs
  4. Public mint: Season Three. 21 Episodes, 21 NFTs
  5. Public mint: Season… Yesss the show must go on!
  6. Public mint: PFP collection made of exclusive characters from the Show
  7. Una Paloma Muriendo exclusive merch for NFT owners
  8. THE PPP (A pigeon party 😎)
  9. The Pigeon Airlines *

Read more about their drop on rarity on HowRare.is and follow them on Twitter



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