Top 5 (NFT) Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Projects in 2022

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The gaming industry is changing quickly. Games that use blockchain technology and the play-to-earn model are becoming more popular. This has caught the attention of gamers who want to earn money by playing games. If you want to make money by playing video games, you should keep an eye on these play-to-earn NFT projects that will be coming in 2022.

Planet IX

Planet IX is a blockchain-based game that encourages players to be environmentally responsible. In this game, players can explore an infinite universe filled with unique virtual items. People can find NFTs in the game’s marketplace. They can trade them or collect them. They can also get rewards for playing the game.

Main Features

  • A multiplayer game where players compete to get more land.
  • All in-game assets are unique.
  • The game periodically releases new chapters that contain new collections of NFTs.
  • Each chapter includes several mini-games.

The Game

Planet IX is a multiplayer online strategy game that runs on the Polygon blockchain. In this game, players compete and cooperate to get as much virtual land as possible.

The game’s design is based on real-world locations. The game also deals with the impact that humans have on the environment. In this way, it encourages users to develop without harming the surroundings.

The virtual parcels have a 1:1 ratio with fields on our planet. They appear in a grid-like system, and users have to discover them before claiming their virtual property. Also, having several PIXs in close vicinity enables a user to mint new NFTs on the platform.

In order to get the most out of Planet IX, users need to pay attention to the next chapter. This is so they can be eligible for NFT collections and mini-games. However, in order to increase their chances even more, they can unite in alliances and fight together for the greater good.


HeliconNFT is a system that brings together NFTs, DeFi, and gaming. It was inspired by the rise of ancient Greece to dominance through a new market called the Agora. This market helped create democracy. HeliconNFT has a lot of features that make it worth your time. But its ultimate goal is to help games, players, and developers connect with each other all over the world.

Main Features

  • The one ecosystem to rule them all.
  • Everything in the game can be an NFT, including characters, cosmetics, buildings, entire worlds, and mods.
  • Players can sell almost any in-game item, as long as it is available through the HeliconNFT Marketplace.
  • People who help grow the ecosystem by publishing content, writing articles, etc., will be rewarded.

The Game(s)

HeliconNFT wants to make it possible for gamers to play together and also get paid for their work. They want to create a platform where gamers can come together and earn money. They will also be able to take their wallets with them wherever they go.

So far, HeliconNFT has announced one game that they are making themselves. They are calling it Helicon Titan. They are also talking to other developers and publishers to have them make games for them.

In Titan, players can participate in many activities. They can create their avatars, fight against mythological gods, and equip their heroes with armor, skills, and weapons. These items are all tradeable and can even evolve.

There are different battle modes available in Helicon Titan, including PVE and PVP. Players can choose the mode that they prefer in order to gain rewards, upgrade their NFTs and earn valuable loot.

Anyone can publish their game through HeliconNFT. The only requirement is that they use HDT, but even then, developers can create unique in-game currencies. HeliconNFT wants to empower developers to make money from games in a less intrusive way than through micro-transactions. This will also let gamers benefit.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a game that allows players to explore a vast and limitless universe. In addition to space battles, players can also participate in the governance of the game world. This way, the platform can give its power-hungry users more than just rare NFTs.

Main Features

  • Players can choose to be in one of three factions. Each faction has different abilities and characteristics.
  • Gamers will have to compete for every in-game item in order to make money from playing the game.
  • NFT holders have full ownership over the assets they earn in the game.

The Game

People who love space will probably love this game, which is set to launch in 2022. The Star Atlas game includes features that appeal to space enthusiasts, such as space battles and trading between planets. In Planet IX, users can own space stations which is the equivalent of land. So everything they earn and hold in the game is an NFT.

Star Atlas can be a player’s favorite game, even if they don’t usually like games about interstellar war. The game has a strong economy focus, and players who are good with money can make a lot of it. They will also be very important to the game for resources, trade, and war supplies.

Star Atlas is set to release its first development phase in September 2021. However, the exact release date has not been announced yet. We can expect the game to be released by late 2022.


Illuvium is one of the most anticipated games to come out in 2022. It will use the Ethereum blockchain to create a global community of NFT collectors and gamers. The concept is straightforward, which is why it is expected to be popular. In the game “Illuvials”, players compete in different landscapes to hunt deity-like creatures. And, the game’s motto is “Fight for ETH.” This means that the game will be intense and challenging from the start.

Main Features

  • Players can make money from almost any in-game item, including skins, weapons, materials they have farmed, and Illuvials.
  • People can bet on battles to make more money.
  • There are two main ways to play the game: autochess and teamfight.
  • Integration with Immutable X allows players to use the game to make peer-to-peer transactions for free.

The Game

Illuvium is a game that Pokémon fans will love. It has similar characters, but they are designed better. To catch the monsters in this game, you won’t need a Poke ball. Instead, you will need to use sleek crystal slivers that capture the monsters inside. They are basically blockchain shards.

Initially, the game will have 100 unique Illuvials. However, with the game’s expansion, players will see more of these creatures roaming the land. Therefore, they will always have new things to battle, capture, and monetize.

Illuvium will be available for early adopters at the beginning of 2022. The game will also have a mobile version by the end of next year. Finally, it is worth noting that the game is free to play. However, if you want to start off with a competitive edge, investing in in-game items could give you an advantage.


Another game that is coming out in 2022 is called Sipher. This game takes place in a new universe called Sipheria. In this universe, environmental catastrophes have killed almost everyone. There are only 10,000 Sipherians left. They are all part of the Shiba Inu and there aren’t many of them left.

Main Features

  • Sipherians have emotions that they can program. This makes them unique.
  • Ultra-rare sub-class NFTs will be available in limited numbers.
  • The game will start on the planet Block Genesis. It will later expand to other planets.

The Game

There are three game modes that you can choose from in Sipher. The first one is called Expeditions. In this mode, your character will travel the universe and try to solve quests. As they do this, they will earn different in-game items, like costumes, minerals, and more.

The second game mode is Player versus Environment. In this mode, users will have to challenge various NPCs in order to gain in-game currency, experience, and items. The third game mode will be PVP, which will make players fight each other for similar rewards.

There will also be a marketplace in Sipher. This is where users will be able to sell the items they gather and make money from playing the game.

Players can earn items and in-game currency by completing different tasks. The best thing is that these items can be sold on the Sipher Marketplace once it is up and running.

Lastly, Sipher is still being developed. However, it is looking to release its first playable demo in March 2022.

Here are 5 cryptocurrency projects to watch in 2022. These projects are releasing new features that will let you earn money by playing games. Be the first to try them out!



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