Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Announces NFT Collection

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The Tinder Swindler, known as Simon Leviev, has just released his first NFT collection. After gaining worldwide attention in a Netflix documentary, Leviev is using this set to reap the benefits.

Simon Leviev became famous after a group of women who were his victims called him out in a Netflix documentary. Leviev kept insisting he was a legitimate businessman, even though there was evidence to the contrary.

The collection currently consists of one NFT, known as “Peter Hurt.” Peter, Leviev’s “bodyguard,” is seen sitting in an ambulance while wounded in the NFT. The NFT is now available for purchase for 0.15 ETH. Four people have already acquired Leviev’s NFT at the time of writing.

On the same day, Leviev launched a new website with a product section in tandem with the NFT. T-shirts bearing phrases like “Peter Is Hurting,” “My Enemies Are on Pursuit” and “If She Truly Loves You, She’ll Take Out A $20,000 Loan For You” are available for purchase at $28 each. In addition, Leviev has established a Cameo account where he charges supporters $200 for a customized video statement.

Simon Leviev has recently signed a deal with talent manager Gina Rodriguez to break into Hollywood. Furthermore, reports surfaced that he is currently working on a dating show. He is also considering being a part of the next edition of Dancing With The Stars.

Leviev is doing what Stormy Daniels did. Meanwhile, the women he cheated have set up a GoFundMe campaign to pay off the debts Leviev caused.