The DefiYield Protocol has released a game called GameFi Adventure, which makes use of CAWS NFTs.

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DYP – a yield farming aggregator platform – has opened its GameFi adventure experience to its users. Now that NFTs are on your ledger, you can link your wallets and start gaming immediately.

Users must have a CAWS NFT if they wish to play, according on an announcement from DYP on Tuesday.

A leaderboard of the highest-scoring wallet addresses has already been implemented on the game’s site, which includes ten levels for CAWS holders to play in.

DYP’s new NFT collection, CATS WITH CAWS (Cats and Watches Society), includes 200+ attribute cats that are randomly generated. They also include individual watch preferences, attitudes, emotions, and clothing.

These NFTs will communicate with their owners in the newly announced P2E game using sounds and animations, as previously stated. DYP and iDYP tokens can be used to purchase in-game items and boost pets’ energy levels, respectively.

All 10,000 NFTs in the CAWS collection have been minted as of Saturday. The cost of minting was 0.08 ETH each, which is significantly less expensive than it was when the price of Ethereum dropped dramatically.

After the minting is completed, DYP reveals that it will begin working on different “campaigns” so that investors may take advantage of their privileges.

To that end, on June 1st, the team will take a “snapshot” of the Ethereum blockchain. This is to make sure that all legitimate CAWS holders and stakers are identified.

The DYP team has also unveiled a new version of their website, which is simpler and more engaging.