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SolSniper has been a hidden gem for a while, but people are starting to notice it because of its potential in the Solana NFT space. SolSniper is the most useful and valuable Solana NFT tool for monitoring projects; people would not hesitate to pay for their expertise.

SolSniper shows popular groups and what individuals are looking for right now, which is a good indication of what’s hot. If you want to explore a blockchain, you can use their website that refreshes every few seconds.

One of SolSniper’s main features is that it allows you to view information about NFT projects. The total number of listed NFTs, as well as an RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator, may be seen in a Tradingview-like graph. This truly gives the impression that you’re a crypto trader.

The Watchlist tool on SolSniper is very helpful. You can now add any NFT collection to your watchlist and see a dynamic graph with the collection’s floor price versus the number of listings. Traders usually look for a correlation between these two variables, as a consistently reduced listing count typically indicates that the NFTs’ floor price is about to plummet.


  • Sol Sniper is a Web based SOL NFT tool, that provides fast Solana NFT-focused discord monitors & tools for holders.
  • Track price action, holders, and other analytics of your SOL NFTs.
  • Free Solana NFT analytics tool.
  • A Tradingview-inspired graph appears, along with the total number of listed NFTs and an RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator.

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