SolanaFloor NFT – Everything You Need To Know

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SolanaFloor is a data analysis platform that allows users to view information about token distribution, price development and NFT data on-chain. This project is a must-read for NFT owners and others interested in this space.

What does SolanaFloor Do

SolanaFloor provides data about the tokens themselves, as well as listings and prices. It also shows how the distribution and price are evolving. The web app is highly interactive, allowing users to sort and filter data on their own.

How it Was Built

Frontend was made in NuxtJS using TypeScript while the backend is built in Javascript, and hosted on Neftlify.

@solana/web3.js package is used in the backend to fetch on-chain data about tokens and their transactions. Many market listings are also scraped and were placed into a MongoDB database. API is built on ExpressJS.

SolanaFloor Pro Features

SolanaFloor Features

  • Export data to CSV
  • Show all available history in charts (only data since listing)
  • Set alerts when a specific NFT gets listed. Sniper’s best friend!
  • Early access to collections to be listed
  • Access to lite mode curated collections that aren’t listed
  • Increased limit on My Floor Insights
  • Floor Insights based on specific attribute
  • Real-time data
  • NFT transaction history
  • View wallet activity (Coming soon)
  • Limited API access (Coming soon)
  • Compare collections (Coming soon)

Future of SolanaFloor

  • Features like improved portfolio tracking, realtime data, APIs, more filter/search possibilities, add volume and transactional data.

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