Smart Sea Society – Everything You Need To Know

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Smart Sea Society offers a range of tools that give users unprecedented insights into NFT projects using millions of data points gathered from Magic Eden and Twitter API.

By joining the Smart Sea Society you get to use the most advanced AI technology currently available in the NFT space. See trends and market movements before anyone else and ensure the highest probable profitability on your portfolio.

Smart Sea Society Features

  • Popular Collection trends
  • Discord/Platform signals on Supply Shocks
  • AI Floor Price Predictor
  • Whale profile insights
  • Discord/Platform signals on Twitter mentions
  • If you’re holding 2 Smart Society NFTs, you will get access to premium features
  • If you’re holding 5 or more, you’ll get access to all features plus the sniping tool

Sniping Bot

  • The Sniping Bot will be a Cloud Based one which will be on-chain. Most snipers require a (local) virtual machine to function on your resources.


  • Supply: 4444
  • Mint Date: 29th of May
  • WL Mint Price: 1.7 SOL
  • Public Mint Price: 1.9 SOL
  • Solana Blockchain

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