‘Nazi gas chambers’ game on Roblox being played by children as young as seven.

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  • Roblox is an online platform that lets kids design, build and share virtual worlds
  • A vile Nazi virtual concentration camp was discovered by some reporters 
  • It included statues of soldiers with guns, prisoners, and a crematorium oven, allowing kids as young as seven to execute people by releasing deadly gasses from showerheads
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Nazi flags and the German cross were seen outside Lego-style watchtowers, along with rows of avatars dressed in Nazi costumes, statues of soldiers with guns, captives, and a crematorium oven. Players could even observe and comment on other players’ deaths.

A reporter who looked into the game created an avatar that was able to get into the virtual world and was able to see the cells which were said to give the experience the conditions of prisoners during World War II, which included gassing and executing prisoners.

Outside the camp’s wall was a section of railway that looked like the trains that were used to transport millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Last night, Tanya Carter of the Safe Schools Alliance campaign group said that it was horrifying to hear about Nazi rooms with dead bodies and gas chambers. This is particularly disturbing in light of the increasing antisemitism in our society.

German flags and the German cross flew outside Lego-style watch towers alongside rows of avatars dressed in Nazi uniform, statues of soldiers with guns, prisoners and a crematorium oven

‘There are significant safeguarding concerns with the trauma this may cause to kids. Parents must be aware of what their children are doing online and have conversations with them about dangers, schools must educate youngsters about internet risks, and the government must take action against those that host unsuitable platforms as well as predatory adults that frequent them.’

Roblox is an online gaming site that allows users to design and create their own computer games that others can play. It was created by engineers David Baszucki and Erik Cassel with the goal of being instructive. In March 2021, it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange, with CEO David Baszucki holding stock worth $

There are more than 40 million games to select from, including ones in which players n live in a fantasy castle, or participate in shoot-em-up challenges and obstacle courses.

The enormous world of games and digital realms that users may explore on the platform is seen as an early iteration of the metaverse – an online world in which people will presumably do most of their socializing and working.

The game world is regulated, but it is so big that monitors have difficulty policing it all. Last week, Roblox was condemned for hosting games called “condos” in which avatars simulate sex. In 2018, Roblox had over 50 million daily players in 180 countries.

According to a survey by the children’s charity 5Rights, half of Briitish youngsters aged between six and nine play the game at least once a week.

Last night, Roblox said, “We have zero tolerance for material or behavior that promotes or glorifies extremism, including antisemitism. We have deleted the experiences in question and banned the users who created them. We make every effort to keep our platform safe, civil, and inclusive by utilizing both manual and automated detection technologies to remove undesirable



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