Moonly Whitepaper and Roadmap – Everything you Need to Know

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Moonly is a platform that gives you access to sophisticated tools so you can make well-informed cryptocurrency/NFT decisions.

It was build by Stefan Smiljkovic who is the founder of Automatio, which is an automation tool that extracts data from any websites. In the Wild West that is the Solana NFT sector, Moonly was designed to make it easier to identify which initiatives to get involved in.

If you search for “NFT rug,” it’s easy to see why a service that can assist with risk reduction is so vital. Many projects fail in this area, even if they are not outright frauds. It’s extremely difficult to know when and where to get involved.

Why should you care about Moonly

Without tools like Moonly, it’s nearly impossible to uncover blue-chip projects without having to stay on top of numerous Discord channel, social media sites, etc. Moonly does this for you, but how?

  • To help determine whether the hype is real or nothing more than a crowd of bots, conduct social media audits.
  • To keep track of floor prices, volumes, the number of listed items, and so on, look for marketplaces.
  • When an NFT you’re monitoring reaches or falls below a price you specified, alert you.
  • Automatically buy or sell for you based on parameters you define
  • Examine the blockchain for smart-money and whale-watching activities.
  • Reminders will be sent to you about future mint days on which you’re interested.
  • The extension and mobile app may be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and App Store.

How does it work?

Two things are necessary for Moonly functionality: project data and human feedback.

Moonly’s team expertise is in web automation, so there won’t be a problem when it comes to gathering project data for them. They built bots that collect all the project information that they can find then after that they clean, organize, and visualize that data.

Robots/technology are fantastic, but they don’t paint the whole picture every time. We also need “human touch” from our community’s input so that we may continuously enhance our tools and assist you in making the greatest financial decisions.

Moonly Principles

The goal of Moonly is very simple, solve the problem as well as provide value.

Ideas are crucial, but they’re meaningless without action. It’s easy to promise more than you can deliver and utilize trendy buzzwords and acronyms, but the vast majority of projects don’t establish a feasible road map or execute it. This is the reason why they will underpromise but will overdeliver.

They have nice cats, but they aren’t going to talk about the metaverse, gamification, or any other terms before they have a working prototype. It’s not that they will not dive into that, its just that as of now, their priority is solid tools.

They believe that founders should show the public how committed they are to their projects by standing proudly in front of them. That’s one of the reasons their founder Stefan doxxed himself. We think that all businesses, projects, and products should be built on these same values.

Moonly Roadmap

Here’s an outline of things that they have done and things that will be done in the future:

Things that they’ve built already

  • Moonly v1 prototype – upcoming NFT aggregator for Solana
  • Moonly v2 that brings new features below 👇
  • Social stats checker – check daily growth of Discord and Twitter, up/down trends for any NFT project in our database
  • Monitoring market data like FP, listed number, volume, 24h, 7days trends, and more
  • Charts and visualizations
  • Auto-update for market data – get a sound notification anytime there is a change in market data for an NFT project you’re watching. No more manual page refreshing!
  • Alerts – get alert notifications when certain conditions are met (ex. “alert me when DeGods floor price goes above 100 SOL”)
  • NFT pixel art – we partnered with a great designer to create beautiful art for Moonly
  • Moonly explainer video for promotion and collaboration

Soon to build

  • Mint manager – a better place to manage projects and whitelists. ( ex. a mint reminder will notify you multiple times before an important mint happens)
  • Portfolio management – track, manage and get automated alerts notifications when there are big movements in collections you hold
  • Mobile app – Moonly’s web app is already mobile-friendly, but converting to a mobile app gives a better user experience and it’s just a few taps away
  • More blockchains – since we have our framework ready, we’ll add other major blockchains that have a solid NFT economy (ex. Ethereum, Cardano, Near, Terra)
  • Discord bots and tools that will be used by NFT projects – since most of the actions are happening on Discord, it’s important to have the right tools to help founders run communities better
  • Browser add-on/extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave – this add-on will bring you Moonly analytical data and tools while you’re visiting marketplaces, Twitter, and other sites, so you can always have data on the go
  • Wallet tracker – see where the “smart money” or “whales” go so you can discover projects worth investing in
  • Automations aka bots 🤖 – we’re talking about the good ones that do no harm, not minting bots
  • NFT sniper tool – which will use the power of automation to catch the good opportunities automatically
  • Our own RPC – for on-chain analysis without the limitation of third-party (think of SSC or Node Monkey)
  • NFT burner – similar to NFTabs, you burn/merge 2 or more Moonly NFTs into 1 to get access to premium features and benefits
  • And many more things that will come from the need and natural evolution of the NFT space

How different is Moonly

Moonly Google Analytics
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Moonly’s end-users are both investors and project teams, as a result of which it offers value to both. Because all NFT initiatives may benefit from Moonly’s technology, working with these project teams is quite easy. Moonly has the benefit of getting exposure across established and new projects that will emerge.

That’s not even the best part. Every day, Moonly gets its own unique influx of visitors. Approximately 20,000 to 30,000 people visit the Moonly website each month looking for information about upcoming NFT projects to invest in or track data from existing NFT projects.

This is fantastic for Moonly because new users will continue to discover our project, bringing in fresh customers every day. Furthermore, when they integrate other blockchains to Moonly, it will increase the amount of traffic and demand for the NFT collection.

This is why Moonly will become the next “blue-chip” NFT project, and this is why they are going to win over other projects in the same space.