Monster Energy files for 4 Metaverse-related trademarks

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Monster Energy files for 4 Metaverse-related trademarks

BusinessMonster Energy files for 4 Metaverse-related trademarks

Monster Energy (NASDAQ: MNST) is venturing into the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse spaces by applying for several related trademarks.

The company filed for a trademark for NFTs on February 18, 2022. The NFTs will focus on downloadable virtual goods in beverages, food, supplements, sports, gaming music, and apparel.

The second trademark that Monster Energy has filed is for downloadable virtual food, drinks, and clothing. This will be done through an online store that will also offer other virtual goods, like supplements. The USPTO has also approved Monster Energy’s trademark on stores that sell NFTs and digital assets

Monster’s trademark states that the company will provide entertainment services, including non-downloadable virtual beverages, food, supplements, bags, among others.

Finally, the energy drink company has filed for a USPTO trademark for a marketplace for virtual goods and NFTs. The mark will protect online non-downloadable software for managing, displaying, monetizing, purchasing, selling, trading, transferring, clearing, confirming, and authenticating virtual goods and NFT tokens.

The Monster Energy trademark application is just one of many companies that are seeking to get a piece of the virtual world and NFT space. According to our previous report, in 2021, there were 1,263 filings for trademarks related to NFTs in the United States. This was a huge increase from the 2020 figure of three filings.

McDonald’s is one of the most prominent companies that have sought trademarks for metaverse technologies. The firm has applied for numerous trademarks, including restaurant names and symbols, cafés, and other virtual services.

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