McDonald’s filing 12 trademarks for ‘Virtual Restaurant’

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McDonald’s filing 12 trademarks for ‘Virtual Restaurant’

BusinessMcDonald’s filing 12 trademarks for ‘Virtual Restaurant’

Many companies are starting to explore virtual reality, also known as the Metaverse. This is a virtual world based on social interaction. McDonald’s is one of these companies. They recently filed trademarks for eleven virtual restaurants and services.

McDonalds celebrated their 40th year anniversary by offering an NFT of their most coveted McRib, and that success has pivoted into McDonalds taking full advantage of this environment.

Josh Gerben, the founder of Gerben Intellectual Property, a law firm specializing in trademark law, was the first to bring attention to the applications on Twitter. He noticed that the fast-food company had submitted a total of ten applications.

The attorney said that the trademarks show that the company behind the famous golden arches may plan to offer a virtual restaurant with both actual and virtual food, as well as home delivery.

McDonalds NFTs

McDonald’s is planning to use the blockchain to provide downloadable multimedia files for artwork, audio, and video files as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, the American fast-food chain also registered the Metaverse domain name. This would allow them to offer entertainment services such as online concerts and other virtual events.

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Other ambitions for the site include downloadable material, like virtual food and beverage items, as well as digital gathering places where users can socialize.