Make Money in Cryptocurrency – How Do I Get Free Bitcoins (BTC) in 2022?

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Make Money in Cryptocurrency – How Do I Get Free Bitcoins (BTC) in 2022?

NewsMake Money in Cryptocurrency - How Do I Get Free Bitcoins (BTC)...

Even if there are more people who wish to get in and use the cryptocurrency, it’s still possible to earn free Bitcoin through mining, tipping, or airdrops.

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Table of Contents

  • Free Bitcoin: Tipping Bots
  • Cryptocurrency-operated Games
  • Mining Bitcoin in Your Web Browser
  • Bitcoin Mining Software
  • Bounties for Bitcoin
  • Airdrops in the Cryptocurrency World
  • Affiliate Marketing

Make Money in Cryptocurrency – How Do I Get Free Bitcoins (BTC) in 2022?

There are several easy methods for beginners to get started with cryptocurrency that will allow you to earn free Bitcoins. There are frequently small tasks and little crypto portfolios available that may be completed quickly.

Free Bitcoin: Tipping Bots

The easiest method to obtain free Bitcoin in 2022 is to utilize tipping bots. These bots may be found on social media networks like Twitter, Telegram, and others. Furthermore, certain robots will produce currencies that are not Bitcoin but may be converted into BTC via several exchanges and trading platforms. On Reddit, Tipper and TipJar Bot are two of the most popular tipping bots. On Telegram, SpicesBot is a popular tipping bot. There are also several other options, such as SoDogeTip for Dogecoin, Stellar TipBot, Cointippy, and others.

It’s a completely different story if you want people to pay you through these bots and platforms. Engaging in social conversations about knowledge and expertise may help you earn more rewards on Reddit. On social media, it is simply a case of gaining attention. You can also use your earnings to thank others, spreading the wealth around and potentially attracting new participants into the blockchain sector.

Cryptocurrency-operated Games

Today, play-to-earn gaming is a popular sector in the crypto industry, but there are many other games available to players without having to invest money upfront. Users may participate in dozens of Bitcoin-based games (BTC) that provide small micro-rewards for completing tasks. Other choices include trivia games (Satoshi Quiz Show), skill-based games (THNDR Games), task-based games (Alien Run), and a variety of other activities.

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It’s worth noting that these games will not pay out huge sums of bitcoin. Instead, they may generate money through advertisements and a portion of those rewards is given to players. Even so, cryptocurrency gaming ventures have dispersed more than 1,000 Bitcoin to players over the last decade, making them an excellent means to get more individuals into cryptocurrencies.

Mining Bitcoin in Your Web Browser

Even in the world of cryptocurrency, technology has advanced considerably. Mining cryptocurrencies generally requires specialized and pricey equipment, although it is possible using a web browser too. The popular web browser CryptoTab demonstrates how anybody may mine Bitcoin with their browser. The procedure will put a strain on your computer’s hardware and use a significant amount of power, but it might eventually reward Satoshis, the smallest subunit of a Bitcoin.

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Another way to “mine” Bitcoin is with the Brave browser. It doesn’t need the use of a computer’s energy, but rather you must click on advertisements that appear when you get browser notifications. Users earn BAT tokens if they click on these advertisements, and they may then trade them for Bitcoin. The Brave browser is accessible on both PCs and mobile devices, making it a simple way to get involved in cryptocurrency without any hassles.

Bitcoin Mining Software

Even if cryptocurrency mining requires specialized and costly hardware, anybody may do it with free mining software. Although the outcomes aren’t spectacular, any computer can now mine BTC. NiceHash has developed a solution that works with QuickMiner or the normal Miner, depending on one’s approach.

The majority of the mining will take place on one’s CPU, and the return is minimal over time. NVIDIA graphics cards are also supported by QuickMiner, which may provide slightly better results. However, today there is a lot of “competition” to mine Bitcoin on the network, and your computer will not make a significant difference. Even so, it may provide tiny amounts of free BTC if your computer consumes more energy than normal.

Bounties for Bitcoin

There is a dedicated Bitcoin-related bounty site,, where users may earn up to 1 BTC per task. Even though these bounties aren’t accessible to everyone, individuals can earn regular payments for completing them. These incentives are used to encourage coders who are interested in learning more about how Bitcoin works.

Other platforms, including Bounty0x, will give users numerous options for contributing to the ecosystem and earning rewards. The Bounty0x currently offers a large variety of bounties, although some may not be paid out in bitcoins. Keep in mind that you can easily convert other currencies into Bitcoin.

Airdrops in the Cryptocurrency World

Although crypto airdrops may appear to have lost their popularity in recent years, there is still money to be made with them. Every month, new enterprises emerge, and the majority of them will provide airdrops as incentives for social media participation to promote awareness of this fresh concept. Although the profits are not in BTC specifically, they may be converted to Bitcoin using exchanges and other trading platforms.

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Airdrops are a very approachable option for individuals new to the cryptocurrency world since they do not require any prior knowledge or complex processes. Furthermore, several platforms keep track of airdrops, including, ICOMarks, CoinMarketCap, and others.

Affiliate Marketing

Releasing a program that helps you buy Bitcoins with cash, as well as placing advertisements on websites dealing with Bitcoin are some of the most basic and straightforward ways to generate a Bitcoin revenue. There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of such affiliate programs available, but earnings will vary significantly. Although the Bitcoin market is somewhat smaller, it is not significantly different from traditional affiliate marketing. This is due to the fact that cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and other crypto-assets, are a small market compared to traditional payment methods.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to become a successful affiliate marketer. Promoting exchanges, such as Binance, FTX, Coinbase, and others is a fantastic choice — casinos or gaming platforms may be another viable alternative. It’s essential to find a trustworthy and reliable service since your reputation is on the line when you persuade others to join up and spend money through your link.