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About Invisible Friends NFT

Markus Magnusson’s Invisible Friends is an ethereum-based project that is being done in collaboration with Random Character Collective (RCC). This project is highly anticipated, with around 357k Twitter followers.

RCC is known for launching two more products, SlimHoods and Mood Rollers. Their prices increased from 0.15 ETH to up to 2 ETH after the announcement of their third project, Invisible Friends NFT.

You can check out their official Website, Opensea, Twitter here.

Invisible Friends NFT Team

The Invisible Friends NFT project was created by Markus Magnusson, who is part of the Random Character Collective. Invisible Friends is a part of the Random Character Collective. This is a group of people who make things like animated movies.

The Invisible Friends Twitter account has a lot of followers. More and more people are buying SlimHoods and MoodRollers to try to get on the list of people who can see Invisible Friends. But it seems that Invisible Friends is more famous than either SlimHoods or MoodRollers.

Invisible Friends NFT Artwork

If you value the aesthetics and art in an NFT project, it’s highly likely that you’ll love this project too. The gif, in which the future NFTs’ animated artwork may be seen, is very sharp. It appears to be lighthearted and simple, which distinguishes the project’s artwork.

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People like the way this project is looking because it is different from other projects. The art makes it look like the space is being stretched.

Invisible Friends Community

The Random Character Collective Discord server is a great place to become a part of. The server has over 300,000 users and has a collective chat where people can talk to each other. There is also a mental health channel where people can share their thoughts and feelings with others in the community.

Discord is useful and friendly, and the artwork and memes in the channel demonstrate the high level of creativity among the members of Discord. The Discord server is a great place to be, with lots of fun memes and amazing artwork.

How to Get Whitelisted for Invisible Friends NFT Drop?

The whitelist for minting new Invisible Friends tokens is designed to encourage public outreach. People can get on the whitelist by trying to hold other Random Character Collective tokens, winning Twitter sweepstakes for people who are making Invisible Friends fan art, buying a few of the limited merchandise, or having won freebies on its Twitter.

How to Mint Invisible Friends?

At the moment, the biggest benefit of being a part of the public minting phase for the Invisible Friends project is that you can get a mint spot. If you join the public mint’s whitelist, it will cost you 0.25 ETH to mint an Invisible Friend on a webpage, plus gas fees. These fees must be paid through

How to Purchase Invisible Friends?

Invisible Friends is not currently available to purchase. We will have to wait until February 23rd 2022 to find out how much it will cost for the public mint.

Update: You may now buy them on Opensea.

There will be a whitelist of people who can buy the new product. You can get on the list by being a good member of a community or by holding a SlimHood and MoodRoller. We already know that having at least four SlimHoods and MoodRollers will get you on the list.

Can to Buy Invisible Friends on OpenSea?

If you want to buy Invisible Friends after the mint, you can buy them on OpenSea. OpenSea is a website where you can buy and sell digital things. Buying Invisible Friends on OpenSea would be a good idea because it would eliminate the unpredictability of the minting process. However, the floor price of Invisible Friends on OpenSea would probably

If you want to buy an Invisible Friend on OpenSea, it would be similar to buying any other type of NFT. You would need an extension-based wallet with enough Ether to cover the cost of the NFT plus the accompanying gas fee.

Is Invisible Friend a reputable project?

The Invisible Friend project is a good investment. The project has a good reputation and there is currently a lot of demand for it. However, there is a small risk associated with investing in it, provided that you are able to get onto the whitelist.

The upside appears to be considerable, given the current pricing of all other Random Character Collective projects, as well as the buzz in fan art communities and the silver whitelist. Because of this, the long-term value of Invisible Friends (or any other NFT project for that matter) is extremely uncertain and must be held with diversification and hedging


The artwork for the Invisible Friends project is really amazing. The community is also very supportive, and there is a lot of discussion happening around this project right now. This is a really good sign for this project considering the project launch is only a few days away. There is a small risk related to being able to get onto the whitelist, but there is also a good chance of getting a high return.

We have shown you all that we can about Invisible Friends NFT tokens. There is a lot more information out there, so dig around and hang out in their Discord channel to learn more.


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