How to swap $SOL to $APT without CEX

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How to swap $SOL to $APT without CEX

NewsHow to swap $SOL to $APT without CEX

Are you a Solanoid considering moving to Aptos?

Still confused/lazy about the conversion process?

Here’s the rundown.

You can use a CEX to trade $SOL into $APT, and it’s simple. Send your $SOL to a CEX like Coinbase or Binance, convert to $APT, then send to your APT Wallet.

Or.. you can do it this way, full credit to Nico for this rundown.

For this conversion, you’ll need to use Martian Wallet.

Firstly, you’ll need some $APT in your wallet to do this, as mentioned in Nico’s post, you can ask a friend that already has some, you’ll only need a tiny bit to cover gas.

After you’ve installed your Martian Wallet and deposited a tiny bit of $APT, you need to go to Wormhole Crypto portal bridge and connect both wallets to initiate a swap.Screenshot 2As mentioned in the post, once you’ve completed the swap, you’ll receive wrapped $SOL, which you will then have to convert that Wrapped SOL.

Finally, to do that, head to Hippo.Space or and swap your tokens.

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