How to help Ukraine during war times

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How to help Ukraine during war times

CryptocurrencyHow to help Ukraine during war times

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The war in Ukraine has been ravaging on for a few weeks now, and lately, even their embassy Twitter account tweeted that they would be raising funds with cryptocurrency.

We’ve decided to combine a list of traditional and no traditional relief agencies so you know for sure your money is going directly to the Ukrainian people.

We want to point out a disclaimer here, since traditional relief agencies usually take a big cut of all donations, we encourage you to donate directly to the Ukrainian relief fund set up by the Ukranian Embassy themselves.

Earlier today, the Ukranian Embassy’s Twitter account announced that they were raising donations using cryptocurrency, a highly anticipated move that was cheered on by many.

Alternatively, you may go through traditional relief agencies, but you should know that these funds will not fully go towards relieving Ukrainians who need immediate help.

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