How to Get Whitelisted on Secret Llama Agency NFT

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The Secret Llama Agency is an innovative project with customizable traits! Every trait is its own NFT and can be permanently combined with your Llama Agent or sold on the secondary market instead. Stake your Agent to earn $HAY and use it for Blue Chip NFTs, Traits, ID cards & more. 25 Alpaca imposters hidden within the collection. Recruiting Llama Agents today!

Mint Details

  • Supply: 6k
  • Mint Price: 1.5 SOL
  • Mint Date: June 10 on Solport

How to Get Whitelisted on Secret Llama Agency

Special Agent (WL – 1 Mint)

  • Follow them on Twitter and turn notifications on
  • Vote for them on Magic Eden
  • Reach level 8 or invite 3 friends
  • Once complete, submit a ticket

Senior Agent (WL – 3 Mint)

  • Find 2 members of their lobby on
  • Reach level 12 chat
  • Changer your PFP to a Llama Agent from 👀┃sneak-peek
  • Once you have found the secret code and completed the above submit here 📨┃open-ticket

Top Secret Agent (WL – 5 Mint)

  • Top secret agents will be handpicked. They are members who engage in rich conversations, attend events and go above and beyond to help the community.

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