How to Get Whitelisted on Formula X Boost NFT

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1000 FREE Booster NFTs for the Formula X Genesis collection. Holders of this collection are automatically WHITELISTED for the Formula X Genesis Collection! Owning a booster NFT alongside your Formula X Genesis NFT will give you an advantage in the Rarity Race!

Mint Details

  • Supply: 1,000
  • Mint Price: 5 SOL
  • Mint Date: July 4, 2022

How to Get Whitelisted on Formula X Boost


  • Be active on discord and reach level 15 (or get 10 real Member Invites)

Social Media

  • Create a tweet, mention us (@FormulaXNFT) and add #FormulaX
  • Follow us on Instagram (@formulax_official) & Twitter (@FormulaXNFT)

Show your Formula X Helmet

  • Add Formula X to your name


  • React to new post in announcements and sneak peak

How to Mint Formula X Boost NFT

  1. Download Phantom Wallet and Add Funds

Download the Phantom Wallet extension on your browser. To download the Phantom wallet extension, you need to go to the Phantom website Click on Create New Wallet.

Once you have created your wallet you can now add Solana from various exchanges such as Coinbase, or FTX to your Phantom Wallet. (Add a bit more than the amount needed for minting)

2. Go to the official Formula X Mint page and confirm the transaction.

Access the official Formula X Mint page through our discord (when it is announced). Choose the amount of NFTs you want to mint and hit the “Mint” button. The Phantom Wallet will pop up asking for a connection. Confirm the transaction and any fees.

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