How to Get Whitelisted for TheClub NFT (May 14)

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A total collection of 2,222 The Club members coming together within The Club to discover their talents. The Club members will get daily $CLUB tokens by staking and using these tokens to get airdrop for the 2nd collection that will be launched on Ethereum. Also, they will enjoy the premium features of the Club App, which is our main goal. Club App is a social friendship and NFT analysis app that will bring Ethereum and Solana NFT communities together.

Mint Details

  • When is the mint date: May 13, 2022 6 PM UTC
  • What is the minting price: 1.30 SOL WL- 1.50 SOL Public
  • Which Secondary Market will we list on: Magic Eden and Opensea after the collection is sold out.
  • WL mint will be a wallet based. All WL winners who are inactive in the server till the mint date may lose their whitelist spots

How to Get Whitelisted

  • 10+ level
  • 10+ invite
  • Be active on twitter
  • Change your pfp ┊sneak-peeks
  • Stay active and positive in The Club
  • When you reach the level 10 ,you will get “clubber” role automatically and we will pick up from in this role.

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