How to Get Whitelisted For Smokeville NFT (May 10, 2022)

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How to Get Whitelisted For Smokeville NFT (May 10, 2022)

NFTHow to Get Whitelisted For Smokeville NFT (May 10, 2022)

Plush Fight League is a collection of 5000 characters to be used across the entire ecosystem and earn passive income backed by a combination of a traditional freemium revenue model and a novel WEB3 ‘Play and Earn’ model. Bringing multiple 3rd party collections into the mix for an ultimate metaverse crossover showdown.

To get whitelisted, you just have to follow the instructions given on their discord server.

Mint Details

  • Mint Date: Date: May 10th
  • Price for Public: 1.89 SOL
  • Price for WL: 1.69 SOL
  • Supply: 5000

How to Get Whitelisted on Plush Fight League

  • Invite 10 friends
  • Reach Level 10. Spamming is not allowed
  • Add “| PFL” to the end of your name (e.g. Web3Wise | PFL, no nicknames)
  • Follow PFL Twitter Account
  • Add into your discord profile bio (or your personal invite link)
  • Vote for the project on Magic Eden

How to Mint

1. Wallet Setup

Download the Phantom wallet plugin for your browser of choice ( Google Chrome is their preferred browser. Please make sure to store your unique seed phrase in multiple physical safe locations, such as on multiple pieces of paper, in safe storage spots when you create your wallet.

2. Obtaining Solana (SOL)

Purchase Solana (SOL) on an exchange like Coinbase, FTX, or Binance, and send it to your Phantom wallet’s SOL address.

3. Setting Up For Launch Time

Come launch time, stay on our site at, before minting is live. Connect your Phantom wallet 10-15 minutes prior.

4. Minting a Plushie :PlushieSaiyan:

When minting is live, simply click the Mint button located on our homepage and approve your transaction if needed.

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