How To Get Whitelisted For Oasis Civilization NFT [May 9]

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Oasis Civilization is one of the most anticipated NFT’s this month, set to drop on May 9th. The whitelist process is very selective but we’ve managed to take some notes on how to get whitelisted and where to buy a Whitelist Token.

Mint Details : Mint date : 9th May Mint price : 1.75 WL / 2 Sol Public Whitelist mint timing : Whitelist : 3 PM UTC & 6 PM UTC Supply : 3333 : 3100 whitelist & 233 public

FFF Token link :

Oasis Civilization’s Discord Whitelist channel states that:

  • The Oasis whitelist requirements for stage 1 are
  • Be active, Interact with the community, Whitelist will be handpicked
  • Participate in Twitter Raids & Games
  • Post proof of raids in šŸ§¾ā”‚whitelist-proof