The Northman NFT Will Be Launching on 13TH of May

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The Northman is an active-NFT collection of 1,888 Vikings on Solana. Explore. Build. Fight. Lead. But always remain true to your North.

The Northman has meaning on multiple levels. Northman Is the place to turn to find directions, make decisions and seek guidance. Your decisions evolve your destiny. Are you ready to explore?

Things You Should Know About the Northman NFT

What is the supply?

The supply consists of 1888 Unique Vikings.

What’s the Mint price?

The mint price for The Northman will be 2 SOL.

What’s the Mint date?

The Northman will be launching on the 13th of May.

How many NFTs will I be able to mint per wallet?

You will be able to mint 1 Northman per wallet.

Where will your collection be listed?

Our collection will be listed on Magic Eden and Opensea.

How to Get Whitelisted

Instructions on how to get whitelisted are found on their official Twitter Page. Here a sample tweet explaining how to get ‘Northlisted’:

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