How to Get Whitelisted for KidzTokyo (May 17, 2022)

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KidzTokyo is one of the most anticipated NFT’s this month, set to drop on May 17th. As of writing, the Discord channel already has 47,000+ members and counting. Getting whitelisted is very easy so make sure to follow it so you’ll get a chance to get these awesome NFTs.

There are all over 6500 Kidz on Solana chain ready to take over Tokyo.

Mint Details

  • Mint Date:17th May Next Tuesday UTC
  • WL and OG: 3pm UTC – 5pm UTC
  • Public: 5pm UTC onward
  • Price for WL and OG: $17 in SOL
  • Public Price: $23 in SOL
  • Supply: 6500
  • OG Mint Limit: 3 tokens
  • WL Mint Limit: 2 tokens
  • Listing: ME and Opensea

How to Get Whitelisted on BMV Wolves

  • Must follow Twitter account and react to 5 latest announcement on Discord
  • Be active
  • Every day they will handpick a certain number of people who submitted proof of 10lv & 10 invites
  • Participate in their games hosted by mod & AMA

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