How To Get P2P $SOL NFT Loans on

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Ever had a few blue chip NFTs burning a hole in your wallet, but you just need liquidity but don’t want to sell?

There’s a simple solution known as NFT lending, and it’s really simple to do on


Below is a short and simple tutorial on how to get a loan using your NFT as collateral.

Firstly, sign into your wallet at Рand make sure to always have the correct link, as scammers regularly create lookalike websites that will drain your wallet.

The best way to find the original link, is to type Y A W W W . I O and never click any ‘’ links sent to your dm’s. gif maker 4

Click on P2P Loans, and ‘Create a Loan Listing’.

After that, you should enter the duration of your loan, the amount you want (we recommend 50% of your NFTs ‘floor value’), and an interest amount (easier when around 100% APY). gif maker 5

Click list, and wait for someone to fund your loan.

If you do not get your loan funded within 10-15 minutes, try offering more interest, or ask for less money.

Once the loan has been funded, you will have that amount of $SOL until the expiration date, if you cannot pay up by the end, you will lose your NFT.