How to Add Fantom to Metamask

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How to Add Fantom to Metamask

TechHow to Add Fantom to Metamask

The Fantom Wallet is the official wallet of the Fantom Network. It’s a Progressive Web App, which means it’s a web-based wallet that can be easily downloaded as a desktop or mobile app.

On the other hand, MetaMask is a crypto wallet and browser plugin that mainly communicates with the Ethereum mainnet. But it is not only exclusive to Ethereum, as it can also interact with other networks such as Fantom Wallet.

Connect Fantom to Metamask

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to install MetaMask on your browser on their official website. Make sure that you only download them on their official platforms as there are a lot of bogus websites that are pretending to be the real ones.

MetaMask Website

  1. After installing Metamask, you need to create a wallet for new users or just import your seed phrase, or just login if you already have one.

MetaMask login

2. Once you’ve set up your wallet, you need to configure your wallet and provide network details to add Fantom Wallet to Metamask. Click the Network dropdown menu to start the process and click ‘Add Network’.

MetaMask add network

 3. Add the following details on the corresponding text box

MetaMask Add Network Details

4. Press Save and congratulations, you’ve successfully added your Fantom Wallet to your MetaMask.

Add your Fantom Tokens to your Metamask Wallet

Adding your Fantom Tokens to MetaMask is quite easy, as you just need to manually add some details from the token to the MetaMask wallet.

  1. Go to this website and find the contract and details of Fantom tokens.

Fantom Contract Details

2. Go back to the MetaMask account and click Import Tokens.

MetaMask import tokens

3. Copy and paste and the Token Address you’ve got from FTM and all of its details will automatically appear. After that, click Add Custom Token.

MetaMask Add Custom Token

4. After that, click Import Tokens. Your MetaMask will now display Fantom Tokens.


The Fantom wallet can be used to send, receive, stake $FTM tokens, and access the Fantom DeFi ecosystem. It also allows you to store other Fantom-based assets or synthetic assets like $fUSD, $wFTM, $sFTM, and others.