Hackers Exploited a Loophole in the ‘Axie Infinity’ Discord Bot and Sent Out a Fake Minting Message.

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The fraudulent message and MEE6 bot were both eradicated from the main server by the developers.

On Wednesday, the popular play-to-earn nonfungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity was hit with a fresh attack on its Discord server, resulting in the MEE6 bot being compromised.

The MEE6 Discord Bot is a popular bot that is used to automate roles and communications. It’s utilized by a lot of crypto organizations. A phony Jiho account was created, giving access to the attackers’ bot. They subsequently posted a fraudulent announcement regarding a mint on that account.

The malicious MEE6 bot was quickly removed from the main server and the phony messages were also eliminated. Many users, according to the project’s official Twitter account, may still see the fraudulent message for a while after restarting Discord.

The MEE6 compromise, the developers said, isn’t unique to this project. Many other projects have had similar difficulties. The official MEE6 Discord support channel, on the other hand, denied allegations of a hack and claimed to have checked with their engineers and found nothing unusual.

MEE6 is thought to have been used by the hackers in order to gain access to a backup administrator account. They were able to use the hacked administrator account to send webbook messages while hiding it from sight.

A month after the largest heist on Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge, when a hacker obtained over $600 million worth of crypto assets, this discord bot compromise happens.

The confidence of the community in the game has been damaged by recent data breaches, which were regarded as a game-changing innovation in the gaming world until recently.