Hacker tastes own medicine as community gets back stolen NFTs

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The scammer posted the 25 stolen NFTs for sale, which were then bought back and returned as a result of the dev partner of the NFT game based on Solana increasing the royalty to 98 percent from its usual 5%.

At the height of the NFT boom, tales of traders losing their nonfungible tokens were widespread. The Solana community, on the other hand, collaborated to “scam” a hacker in order to reclaim some stolen NFTs.

It all began when someone hacked the Discord channel of a cross-chain gaming firm Uncharted NFT, where 109 user wallets were stolen. 150-plus SOL tokens and 25 World of Solana (WOS) NFTs were stolen, including three rare and highly valuable digital collectibles.

There are many different WOS heroes available, with the most expensive avatar being $5,600 USD. The collection’s current floor price is 2.03 SOL.

Following the breach, the community voted to get back the stolen NFTs. The WOS team contacted their development partner, who goes by Cyberfrog on Twitter and raised the stolen NFTs’ royalties to 98% above the default rate.

The Solana NFT community was asked to keep an eye out for any new listings on the MagicEden marketplace. Within two days, the fraudster fell for the trap, and the community was able to reclaim 15 NFTs while sniping 10 more.

Sniping is a strategy of making a winning bid just before the end of an NFT auction. To prevent other NFT bidders from outbidding you, use this technique to stay in the lead.

10 additional sniped NFTs were recovered by the community, and the 25 WOS NFTs were returned to their owner.

It also advised community members to “always use a burner wallet and be cautious when minting” in an effort to recover all of the stolen Bitcoins. Twice, the tiny NFT community has retaliated against scammers.