For Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis looks to user-generated content.

Sky Mavis, the creator of the popular fantasy monster-combat nonfungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity, announced on Tuesday that it had opened its doors to the first user-developed projects in its Axie Infinity Builders Program. Only 12 projects were chosen out of the 2,000 applications submitted.

Teams that are picked will receive a minimum of $10,000 in grant money, denominated in Axie Infinity’s governance token, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), to fund project development.

They’ll also get the go-ahead to make money on their game with the Axie Infinity brand, which provides a revenue split. Across Lunacia, a platforming adventure for Axie NFTs, and Mech Infinity, a battle royale game with Axies and their unique abilities are just two of the many projects in development.

Axie Infinity is a game where you can earn digital tokens, such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP), by completing in-game tasks with your Axie NFTs.

However, the cryptocurrency bear market and an overabundance of token supply have caused SLP to plummet 96% in value in the last year.

Players gradually withdrew from the game as their earnings plummeted, compelling developers to release patches in an effort to fix the issue. claims that Axie Infinity’s daily active users peaked at 2.37 million in January before dropping four months in a row. The figure is now 1.86 million.


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