FC Barcelona Express Interest In Web3

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FC Barcelona, a prominent sports team in Spain and Europe, is looking into new technologies to increase fan interaction worldwide. President Joan Laporta of the club explained how it will utilize metaverse and NFTs in the cryptocurrency sector.

FC Barcelona Explores The Metaverse

FC Barcelona, one of the most influential soccer clubs in Spain and Europe, plans to expand their business to include new technology areas such as metaverse and NFTs. Their goal is to increase engagement with their fans through these new technologies. Joan Laporta, president of the club, discussed these upcoming moves in a recent statement:

In recent times there has been a lot of attention to blockchain products and services such as NFTs and metaverse. We should be able to offer digital products to our members, our fans that will align with the value of the club and generate a very interesting emotional experience.

Laporta also announced that the club is studying how to release its first NFT soon, but did not give more details on the subject.

Expansion Through Technology

FC Barcelona, a club with more than 120 years of history, is considering using new technologies to make money and keep fans engaged all over the world. Laporta also hinted at the possibility of launching a cryptocurrency issued by the club itself, instead of the fan token that is already available, which was issued in partnership with Socios.

The club is working on building new infrastructure to support their new path. They are launching Barca Studios, a place where they will produce all of the team’s audiovisual content. They are also creating the Barca Innovation Hub, a place where they will introduce new technologies into how the team works.

The team is focused on increasing its range of goods and services to keep up with changing technology, according to Laporta. The club’s president said:

We want to generate new opportunities for growth. Our goal is to win titles and to make our fans happy, but we also have to profit from opportunities in the sports industry. It is a matter of survival.

According to an August study, European top clubs have earned $200 million collectively thanks to the fan token mania on the Socios platform, with such assets becoming increasingly attractive as a commercial endeavor.

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