European Families Welcome Crypto as a Popular Investment Choice

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European Families Welcome Crypto as a Popular Investment Choice

CryptocurrencyEuropean Families Welcome Crypto as a Popular Investment Choice

The crypto market is still growing in Europe, and the average European family sees it as a viable investment and savings option. This was found in several recent surveys of different groups of people.

Despite the wild swings in the cryptocurrency market, it has seen a steady increase in new investors over time. There are more people interested in crypto investments and many of them are already engaging in actions to do so.

In recent years, a plethora of crypto-centric research have been conducted in response to the rise in NFT adoption and the memecoin movement. The latest example in this trend is the result from Kantar, which revealed the attitude toward crypto in Europe.

Attitude of European Families to Cryptocurrency

A survey of European families’ sentiments toward cryptocurrency was conducted by the veteran data and insights firm Kantar. According to a recent survey, most European families now believe digital currency to be a viable investment and financial tool. In fact, more than half of those polled already owned some cryptocurrency.

61% believe it is a way to expand their investment portfolio. And 70% see it as a source of providing for their families.

The same trend is also reflected in a Protocol survey and a Harris Poll poll. The short study team interviewed 1,024 adults. Of those who own cryptocurrencies, 28% currently hold them, and among those, 93% intend to invest in more this year. The individuals who have gotten their feet wet with crypto believe it to be a profitable venture.

At the other end of the spectrum

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are becoming more accepted, some people are still apprehensive about them, keeping them out of the market. Skeptics have claimed that the crypto verse is still a hazardous and volatile environment.

Skeptics, on the other hand, have serious concerns about its decentralized nature. This is due to the fact that decentralization may imply that crypto is difficult if not impossible to control.

Another poll, on the other hand, found that most people are prepared to commit to fitness in a metaverse rather than via off-network gym memberships. The majority of people, roughly 80%, would commit to fitness if compensated in cryptocurrency.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies Can Provide Excellent Returns

According to the study, early crypto enthusiasts appear to be reaping the rewards despite the naysayers’ objections. Indeed, sixty percent of respondents indicated that their investments of $1,000 and above have expanded by more than 50%. This is a good return, especially considering the recent market collapse.