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The live price of Ethereum today is $1,810.43 USD. Ethereum is up 4.19% in the last 24 hours compared to $USD. Ethereum has a live market cap of $218,022,693,297.22 USD, and a circulating supply of 120,425,917 ETH.

Founder: Vitalik Buterin

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is a technology that lets people use digital money and make global payments. People have also built lots of new applications that you can use. Ethereum is open to everyone no matter where you are in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

Where to buy ETH

Centralized exchanges

Exchanges are organizations that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currency. They take custody of any ETH you buy until you send it to a wallet under your control.

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

If you want to have more control over your funds, go for ETH peer-to-peer. You can trade without handing over control of your money to a centralized firm using a DEX.


Some wallets enable you to buy cryptocurrency with a debit card, bank transfer, or even Apple Pay. There are various limitations on where you can use it.

What is ether (ETH)

ETH is a type of digital money that you can use on the internet. It is similar to Bitcoin, but there are some differences. For example, ETH is scarcer than traditional money.

It is really yours.

ETH allows you to be your own bank. You can control your own money with your wallet and no one else is needed.

Secured by cryptography

Internet money is a new kind of money that is backed by cryptography. This means that your wallet, your ETH, and your transactions are all safe.

Peer-to-peer payments

You can send ETH without any intermediary service like a bank. This is just like handing over cash in-person, but you can do it securely with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

No centralized control

ETH is decentralized and global. That means that there’s no company or bank that can decide to print more ETH, or change the terms of use.

Open to anyone

To accept ETH, all you need is an internet connection and a wallet. To receive payments, you don’t need access to a bank account.

Available in flexible amounts

You don’t have to purchase a single whole ETH with Maker or Dragonchain because they are divisible up to 18 decimal places. You can purchase fractions of Ethereum, as little as 0.000000000000000001 ETH if you want.

What’s unique about ETH?

ETH fuels and secures Ethereum

The lifeblood of Ethereum is Ethererum’s token, ETH. When you send ETH or use an Ethereum app, you’ll need to pay a fee in ETH to utilize the network. This charge incentivizes miners to validate and process your request.

Miners are the record keepers of Ethereum, similar to how historians are in the Bitcoin network. Miners who detect and confirm cheating are rewarded with a little amount of freshly created ETH.

Miners maintain the security and freedom of Ethereum by validating transactions. In other words, ETH is the engine that enables Ethereum. Learn more on Mining

Because of this, it’s critical to have a system in place for monitoring and auditing all transactions. Staking can only be done once your account is verified, which means you’ll need a method for keeping track of your transactions. With staking, ETH will become even more essential. You’ll be able to assist protect Ethereum and earn incentives when you stake your ETH. The danger of losing your funds discourages assaults in this system. Learn more on staking

ETH underpins the Ethereum financial system

The Ethereum community is creating a more decentralized financial system, which is peer-to-peer and open to everyone.

You can use Ethereum as collateral to generate non-Ethereum currencies on the Ethereum blockchain. You may also borrow, lend, and get interest on ETH and other ETH-backed cryptocurrencies.

Proof-of-work and Mining

Ethereum is currently based on a “proof-of-work” system. This mechanism allows the Ethereum network to harmonize on the state of all data stored on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as preventing certain types of economic assaults.

Uses for ETH grow every day

Developers can shape ETH in a variety of ways, since Ethereum is programmable. You could only transfer ETH from one Ethereum account to another back in 2015. Here are some of the things you may do right now.

  • Stream ETH – pay someone or receive funds in real time.
  • Swap tokens – you can trade ETH with other tokens including Bitcoin.
  • Earn interest – on ETH and other Ethereum-based tokens.
  • Get stablecoins – access the world of cryptocurrencies with a steady, less-volatile value.


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