During the investigation, Cremafinance disabled liquidity protocol on Solana.

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During the investigation, Cremafinance disabled liquidity protocol on Solana.

CryptocurrencyDuring the investigation, Cremafinance disabled liquidity protocol on Solana.

The Crypto Twitter community took it upon themselves to find the hacker’s wallet and learn more about the situation after waiting for Crema Finance’s analysis.

According to a press release from Crema Finance, a concentrated liquidity protocol built on the Solana blockchain, its services have been halted for a time due to a successful attack that has stolen a big but unconfirmed sum of money.

Crema Finance halted liquidity services after discovering a vulnerability in the company’s protocol to prevent the hacker from emptying its liquidity reserves, which included money from both service providers and investors.

While the company has yet to comment on the situation as a result of an investigation that was still underway at the time of publication, members of the Crypto Twitter community went about finding the hacker’s wallet and gaining a deeper understanding of the issue.

According to a crypto community member, Harvey Mackinto2 allegedly identified the hacker’s wallet address after conducting a personal investigation. The address in question contains 69,422.89 Solana (SOL) tokens — approximately $2.3 million worth — acquired through a series of transactions over many hours.

Some in the crypto community, on the other hand, believe that the hacker illegally obtained 90% of Crema Finance’s pool liquidity. All of the features of the protocol have been disabled indefinitely, according to Du. He also urged investors to keep an eye on for further information in the form of an update.

Readers should be aware that Crema Finance is not the same Cream Finance, a decentralized finance DeFi lending system that lost $19 million in a flash loan heist last year. The Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacking syndicate that has allegedly stolen $100 million from the Harmony protocol in recent days, is now suspected of the attack.