Magic Eden’s Domination of Solana

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Magic Eden’s Domination of Solana

CryptocurrencyMagic Eden's Domination of Solana

When they were 2 months old, in November 2021, Solana NFT Eden became the industry leader in terms of market share. They credit these accomplishments to the community’s faith in them and their unending desire to contribute value to and for their community.

They’ve developed alongside their community as a web3 firm. These ideas are at the core of our NFT marketplace at Magic Eden. As a result, their success has remained unbroken to this day.

The ideals of the Web3 Foundation are about cooperation. And, if you ask any successful NFT project, the community is crucial to success. They aren’t spectators in their own community.

Many of the essential engineering concepts at MagicEden (s) were inspired by their @MagicEden(s). They work hard to stay in touch with the community and engage with them on a regular basis. Whether it’s reading suggestions for improvements, dealing with complaints, or simply receiving love, they try to keep in contact with their fans.

In January 2021, Twitter data revealed that there had been over 375 million tweets about NFTs during the first three months of the year. NFT degens, enthusiasts, and spectators flock to Twitter.

They believe that with even more individuals onboarded onto Solana NFTs, the number would have exploded. They want to interact and collaborate more with collectors and creators as NFTs continue to gain popularity.

They have worked with their community to launch:

  • Non stop feature updates. They are proud of shipping fast and consistently
  • Account managers to support collections. NFT creators are at the center of what they do and what got them here as an NFT marketplace. Therefore, they must give the utmost support and attention to collections to help the next generation of digital creators grow alongside Magic Eden. They are starting out by pairing account managers with selected, existing collections on Magic Eden and Launchpad projects
  • MagicDAO, where they are reaching out to everyone from normies to OGs to discover their community and get to know them better
  • Events across NFT NYC (2021), Solana Breakpoint, Art Basel Miami, Solana Hacker House NY, and Solana Miami.

Finally, the key to success is building a community. As a result, Magic Eden has retained the vast majority of the market share in Solana NFTs throughout their seven-month existence.