Discord’s MEE6 Is Launching Its Own Token and NFT

MEE6, a Discord bot used by over 16 million servers, plans to release a collection of 10,000 NFTs as well as making its own token. They also plan to launch a marketplace in the future where holders of their $MEE6 token will get a percentage of transaction fees.

About the Collection

The $MEE6 project is planning to release a community token and related platform that will allow users to purchase and sell the $MEE6 currency. When the platform is released, each NFT owner will receive a free substantial amount of $MEE6 tokens generated from the sales made by MEE6.

The NFT collection has gained many followers on Twitter and Discord. The original bot already had a large audience, gaining that by being one of the first and most popular Discord bots trusted by many server owners.

Launch Details

On March 15th, the 10,000-item collection will be publicly sold at 8 p.m. CET. The price for the goods has not yet been determined. People who want to buy the items may sign up for a whitelist. MEE6 Avatars NFTs are only the beginning of their mission to assist communities grow thanks to blockchain technology.

The Community Token Platform is being developed to allow any community to create their own tokens. These tokens can then be bought and traded on the Community Token Decentralized Exchange. There are no set dates for when the $MEE6 token will be distributed or when the token platform will be launched.

What is MEE6?

Discord role bot MEE6 allows users to create roles for themselves by using Discord reactions. The bot will automatically change permissions for people on Discord, allowing them access to specific channels on any given server. Server moderation, custom commands, and Twitch/YouTube/Twitter notifications are also available through the bot.

Discord is a chat app with a built-in bot that lets users talk to each other. The bot has been used by 16 million+ servers on the platform as of 2016.

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