Cubist Collective NFT – Everything You Need to Know

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Cubist Collective is a community-driven portfolio management protocol with a unique write to earn discord mechanism. The top contributors are paid around 200-300 USDC per week. We also run Prediction games for community members to predict how the floor of new mints will fare, among other things!

It is a collection of 5000 NFT that will be minted on Feb 17, 2022 at the price of 2 Sol. Cubist Collective Discord is opened which currently has 5731 members and 9573 Twitter followers. In the last 24h Discord increased by 0.97% and Twitter followers increased by 1.12%.

Today, their @justape_ prediction game closed at over 3k $SOL. Magic Eden also shows Cubist as one of the most popular #Solana Collections and has set a record volume on their NFT collection as of writing.

Cubist Collective Stats (24h as of Writing)

  • Floor price. 7.90
  • Total Listed Count: 203
  • Total Volume: 15523.16
  • Average Sale Price: 7.46
  • Total Supply: 5K
  • Floor thickness: 8.95
  • Price change 24h @3.57 +69.26%
  • Price low/high24h: @5.15 / @9.33
  • Volume24h: 3294.52 +25.78%
  • Sales24h: 413
  • Top sale24h:20

Contributor Rewards

Each week, the $CUBIST Rewards Pool is funded using a percentage of the mint and proceeds in USDC, plus the protocol’s native $CUBIST token. Cubist members react to important posts on Discord and contributors earn their share of the Rewards Pool for that week. The Cubist Collective protocol will keep this community incentive fund seeded with at least 5000 USDC per week.

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