What is CoralCube NFT Marketplace Aggregator – Everything You Need To Know

CoralCube is the #1 Solana NFT aggregator marketplace. The fastest NFT marketplace is developed by some of the top OG engineers and product managers from Facebook and Uber.

This tool is particularly beneficial for snipping items as soon as they’re listed, which is completely free to do. You can view projects that have yet to be listed on Magic Eden because they are on a separate hash list on this website.

The site has real-time sales and number of collectors for each collection, as well as other data. There are several more functions accessible to its users beyond sniping.


  • Sub-second listing updates (vs >30s in the original marketplaces) from Magic Eden and Solanart
  • Don’t miss any airdrops or whitelists, your NFT will remain yours while listed on our escrowless marketplace powered by the @metaplex Auction house
  • It has the lowest floor prices on the broadest set of NFT collections
  • Has fast, powerful, and accurate stats
  • You can explore the endless space of NFT profiles on CoralCube
  • You are ahead of Magic Eden users when it comes to accessing collections by almost a minute! Check it out on Twitter to see how it works.
  • Fees are also lower than Magic Eden
  • No downtime
  • It shows rarity
  • You can trade NFTs and earn rewards
  • Dark Mode toggle on website

CoralCube NFT Aggregator Stats

CoralCube Discord Features

  • Floor price alert feed on every NFT collection across Magic Eden, Solanart and Auctionhouse. This can be found on the #floor-alerts channel on discord.
  • Notification Service – get notified when your items are sold, you got outbid, new offers,  and if you got a bid that got accepted by the seller.

CoralCube Official Links


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