Chubby Chameleons NFT – Everything You Need To Know

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Welcome to Project X, house of DiamondHands and hatred of Papers and Flippers. We won’t spoon feed anyone, everything will be unveiled by community work towards solving riddles. Pay attention to every word of every announcement.

Mint Details

  • Supply: 3,333
  • Mint Date: June 12, 2022
  • OG Mint Price: 1 SOL
  • WL Mint Price: 1.25 SOL
  • Public Mint Price: 1.5 SOL
  • Solana wallet that can be used: Sollet, Solflare, and Phantom.
  • Where can you buy Chubby Chameleons after mint: ME
  • Fully Doxxed

How to Get Whitelisted on Chubby Chameleons

All of these can be done on their official Discord Channel.

  • LEVEL 6 BY TYPING IN 🍀-general ( To check your current level use “!rank” in 🤖-bot-commands )
  • INVITE 10 PEOPLE ( Create your own link by right clicking the server name – To check your invite do “/invites” in 🤖-bot-commands )
  • TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES PARTICIPATE IN 🚨-raids 🌄-fanarts 🎁-giveaways 📞-gartic rumble-royale

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