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The live price of Cardano today is $0.38 USD. Cardano is up 2.49% in the last 24 hours compared to $USD. Cardano has a live market cap of $17,014,500,000.00 USD, and a circulating supply of 45,000,000,000 ADA.


What is Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain built on peer-reviewed research and employing evidence-based methodologies. It combines cutting-edge technologies to deliver unprecedented reliability and long-term viability to decentralized apps, systems, and communities.

Cardano was created to give individuals back control of their money and lives, and it exists today as a decentralized platform that empowers people through the use of blockchain technology. Cardano’s engineers are on a mission to take power away from unaccountable institutions and put it back in the hands of people – especially those who have been historically disenfranchised.

Who Are the Founders of Cardano?

Charles Hoskinson is the creator of Cardano. He was also one of the co-founders of Ethereum, serving as its CEO at IOHK, the organization that developed Cardano’s blockchain.

In a CoinMarketCap video series interview, Hoskinson described how he got involved in cryptocurrencies in 2011 and dabbled in mining and trading. His first professional engagement in the sector came about in 2013, when he produced a course on Bitcoin that was taken by 80,000 students.

He completed his doctorate in mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is also a mathematician by profession. His technology firm donated $500,000 worth of ADA to the University of Wyoming’s Blockchain Research and Development Lab in 2020.

What Makes Cardano Unique?

Cardano is the first smart contract platform to implement a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is less energy intensive than Bitcoin’s proof-of-work protocol. Although Ethereum will be upgrading to PoS over time, it will do so gradually.

The Cardano project has made a point of using peer-reviewed research to ensure that all of the technology created is tested, ensuring that innovative ideas may be challenged before they are proven. According to the Cardano team, this rigorous academic approach helps the blockchain to be more durable and stable, improving the likelihood that potential problems may be addressed in advance.

Cardano conducted a Shelley upgrade in 2020 to make its blockchain “50 to 100 times more decentralized” than other large blockchains. Hoskinson predicted that this would pave the road for hundreds of assets to be run on its network at the time.

In September 2021, the Alonzo fork will conclude the Shelley era and begin the Goguen era. Users can write and deploy smart contracts on Cardano, allowing for the development of native decentralized applications (DApps). On Sept. 2, 2021, Cardano’s price broke $3 mark and hit an all-time high of $



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