Best Smart Contract Auditing Companies

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Most projects would go out of business if they tried to deploy a smart contract onto the blockchain without auditing. Hackers are continuously searching for coding errors and flaws, as well as potential security concerns. Most clients are also aware that unaudited DeFi and cryptocurrency systems can’t be trusted.

Fortunately, there is no need to start a project without an audit, especially with the presence of so many skilled auditors in the market. These professionals can thoroughly examine smart contracts, identify faults or vulnerabilities, and offer remedies.

They boost a protocol’s probability of success and establish community confidence. The top five auditing firms that protect the cryptocurrency environment are listed below.


Chainsulting is a Distributed Ledger Technology and cryptocurrency audit and development firm.

The goal of the company is to assist projects in detecting risks while also providing thorough remedies and choices. The team aims to create technologies that allow blockchain-based protocols to get off the ground and operate securely.

More than 30 people work for Chainsulting in Germany and across the world. The firm distinguishes out in the market thanks to its unique auditing methods. For example, it utilizes a multi-step smart contract security audit by an experienced team of auditors to help blockchain projects prevent DeFi hacking.

Chainsulting’s professional auditors use a comprehensive auditing process with expert reviews to improve the likelihood of a secure smart contract. Chainsulting also provides a security compliance certificate at the end of each audit to boost public confidence in the DeFi platform.

The firm’s long history of success, in addition to its reputation for high-quality work, has made it one of the most sought-after auditors in the industry. DAI, 1Inch, POA Network, and Unicrypt are just a few of its clients.


CertiK is a security company that uses cutting-edge technology to check the safety of crypto projects. CertiK works closely with cyber security experts to create efficient tools.

The CertiK experts have audited nearly 188,000 lines of code and secured more than $6.32 billion worth of assets to date.

The firm offers two innovative solutions that assist protocols raise their security levels. Skynet is the first of two intelligence engines that power the Security Leaderboard’s security ratings. This service provides smart contract with round-the-clock security monitoring.

The second feature is SkyTrace, a smart and intuitive graph tracking tool. It can be used by clients to see the risk of fraud between BSC and Ethereum wallets. It aids in the identification and tracking of suspicious flows entering and exiting their wallets, as well as the detection and blocking of fraudulent transactions.

CertiK’s most distinguishing feature is that it applies mathematically proved techniques to verify smart contracts. The company aims to make cryptocurrencies more secure for consumers and businesses by creating a public blockchain, CertiK Chain, which will employ its formal verification architecture.

By doing so, it verifies the security of decentralized projects. Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, and DHVC are among its partners.


Project auditing, KYC processes, and high-security data storage are all handled by German security firm Solidproof. Their team consists of experienced auditors and industry experts with extensive experience in the field.

Solidproof offers a bespoke package that may include any or all of the company’s services. Furthermore, under the German DSGVO law, Solidproof provides clients with a high level of data security. To accomplish this, it keeps all customer information on a private server that only it has access to.

An automated code audit tool from Solidproof has been released that should allow clients to do code audits quickly and effectively. Solidproof also performs manual inspections to aid software developers in finding bugs in their source code.. Etna Network, PulseX, ShibaMoon, and Daima Token are some of its most prominent recent customers.

The business has also established important partnerships with industry leaders such as Unicrypt, Etherlite, and Pathfund.


After building the OpenZeppelin Contracts as Solidity libraries, OpenZeppelin has grown into a trustworthy security firm. Many organizations have utilized them to test their smart contracts prior to deploying them on the blockchain.

The firm also concentrates on smart contract security and audit services. The firm is aware of the difficulties of developing decentralized apps. To assist projects overcome their lack of suitable development, it provides a wide range of tools to assist them.

It will also help them to automate Ethereum activities and produce higher-quality goods more quickly.

OpenZeppelin’s most popular audit reports include Compound, Maker, Augur, Brave, and Centre Token, among others.

OpenZeppelin’s native SDK may be used by developers to incorporate OpenZeppelin Contracts into their projects. Smart contracts can also be corrected by utilizing the company’s gamification components, such as Etherenaut. Users are brought into a Web3-based warfare game to hack smart contracts and discover security flaws in this game.

Trail of Bits

The Trail of Bits is a group of developers who are attempting to find and repair flaws in smart contracts and hardware devices. They offer a variety of software security services, including smart contract audits, blockchain development.

Crytic, Slither, Privacy Raven, Lifting Bits, and Echidna are all examples of the company’s inventions.

The firm also offers high-end encryption and infrastructure security to customers. Trail of Bits also provides a Threat Modeling service, which may be valuable to any company. It allows businesses to better understand and prepare for cyber threats in an informed manner.

The firm’s specialists test and evaluate initiatives to calculate the likelihood of a hack. They ultimately determine a risk score and provide remediation steps based on their findings.

Last but not least, Trail of Bits has launched a number of services, including AlgoVPN, which is currently well-known. The crew has worked with prominent industry figures such as 0x Protocol, Compound, NuCypher, and MakerDAO to date.