Attack on Meta NFT – Everything You Need To Know

Attack On Meta is for lovers of anime & hip-hop music. Holders will have exclusive access to its album, streetwear, comics, and more. The project consists of 3,333 unique pieces of artwork. 33.3% of total royalty revenues will be allocated to the AoM Community DAO.

Mint Details

  • Supply: 3,333
  • Mint Date: July 8, 2022
  • Mint Price: TBA

How to Get Whitelisted on Attack on Meta

  • UpVote on Magic Eden
  • Stay active and welcome new members
  • React to announcements on Discord
  • Submit Wallet on Wallet Channel on Discord

How to Get OG on Attack on Meta

  • Complete all Whitelist requirements
  • Invite 3 members in the community
  • Participate in AMA’s

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