How to Get Whitelisted on HaLo Bulls NFT (May 20, 2022)

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2222 wild beasts that came to shake the Solana Ecosystem. Art, Staking, Launchpad, Jackpots, Raffles & Marketplace.

Mint Details

  • Mint Date: 20th May
  • Mint Time: 16:00 UTC
  • WL Mint Price: 1.25 SOL
  • Public Mint Price: 1.5 SOL
  • Supply: 2222
  • Listings: Magic Eden
  • Token or Wallet based: Token based
  • Wallet Support: Phantom Wallet

How to Get Whitelisted on IZUMI

Option 1: Secure your Spot

  • Upvote on Magic Eden
  • Reach Level 8 by having meaningful conversations.
  • Follow them on Twitter

Option 2: Try your Luck

Server Boost Activity Path

  • Random pick on that reacts to their announcement channel
  • Random pick that send upvote proof
  • Random pick that raid on their Twitter raids and send raid proof

Option 3: Use your NFTs

  • You can always ask your Alpha Hunters on other DAOs and ask for some WL spots

Option 4: The Smart Chatter

  • Stay active & engaged in the chat and talk about the NFT Space, the Fundamentals of the project, their Roadmap & their future and if they notice you, you’ll be whitelisted.

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